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Industry Knowledge

I've been in the jewelry business for over 10 years. I've seen and tried it all. Learn from my mistakes, connect with my personal contacts and get yourself on the fast-track to success.


I'm with you each step of the way from creating your collection to getting your line in retail stores. I have also reached out to my own mentors and asked them to join me. Together, we become your personal jewelry success team.

A Plan of Action

From real life examples to in-depth tutorials, you'll leave this course with an clear and concrete plan on how to get your jewelry line created and noticed!

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Course Introduction

  1. Introduction: Welcome to the Fast-Track
  2. Meet Your Teachers: 3 Industry Leaders Turned Your Personal Mentors
  3. Class Outline


The Fundamentals: Legally forming a Jewelry Business

  1. Demystifying Business Formation: Should Your Company be a Sole Proprietorship or LLC
  2. Common Mistakes to Avoid: Jewelry Business Operational Permits
  3. Saving Money on Taxes: Special Circumstances for Jewelry Businesses
  4. Business Banking: How to Fund Your Jewelry Business and Pay Yourself
    • Tool: Business Start Checklist 


Jewelry Production 101: Taking Your Design from Idea to Completely Finished Piece

  1. From Idea to Product: Learning How to Make your Jewelry Designs Come to Life
    • Tool: Jewelry Education Resource
  2. The Industry Secret: How to Mass Produce Your Handmade Jewelry
    • Tool: Step by Step Guide to Production Casting
  3. 3D Printing and Digital Design: Utilizing the New Frontier of Jewelry Design
  4. Creating Smart Designs: Maximizing Profit and Brand Recognition
    • Tool: Nina's Contacts - My Partners


Creating A Marketable Collection: Syncing Your Designs to the Fashion Calendar 

  1. The Jewelry Industry's Yearly Cycle: How to Utilize Signature & Seasonal Designs
  2. Make it or Break it: Critical Deadlines that Determine Your Success
    • Tool: Fashion Jewelry Production Calendar


Making Money: Pricing Your Jewelry Designs for Profit

  1. Understanding Pricing: Interview with Dan Dillard
    • Tool: Nina's Revolutionary Way to Price your Work for Profit


Getting into Retail Stores: Wholesale Sales Success 

  1. Making Money with Wholesale: Creating a High Yield Strategy
    • Tool: Inside the Mind of a Buyer
  2. Line Sheets: Creating Marketing Materials that Make You Stand Out
    • Tool: Line Sheet Template
  3. Contacting Stores: How to Reach Out to Stores and Get an Order
    • Tool: Store Outreach Email Sample
  4. The Fast Track to Wholesale Orders: Knowing When to Invest in a Sales Rep or Showroom
  5. Trade Shows: Are They Worth It?
  6. Getting Paid: Jewelry Industry Payment Terms that are Acceptable VS Ones that will Destroy Your Business
    • Tool: Sample Purchase Order


E-Commerce Sales: Selling Your Designs Online 

  1. Your Online Store: Creating a Stand Out E-Commerce Site
    • Tool: Jewelry Photography Guide
  2. E-Commerce Orders Through Social Media: Turning Followers to Buyers
    • Tool: Social Media Guide
  3. Email Marketing: Building Sales Momentum and Consistent Revenue
    • Tool: Email Marketing Guide


Finding Your Customers: Building a Community of Hardcore Fans and Supporters

  1. Finding Your People: How to Market to Your Target Audience and Build a Well-Known Brand: Interview with Kelly Krause
    • Tool: Branding Case Study: The Wing


After you've completed your masterclass...

  • One-on-one business meeting with Nina Berenato - POWER HOUR (a $200 value)
  • The Jewelry Academy Student Community Forum

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